PES welcomes Commission efforts to safeguard rule of law in Poland

PES welcomes Commission efforts to safeguard rule of law in Poland

The Commission has requested the Polish authorities to address the problems created by the planned reform of the judiciary within one month.

“Giving a specific deadline to Polish authorities is the best way to test whether the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) will actually respect the rule of law or their government will keep on pushing on the planned reforms and endangering the democracy in the country.

Pes president Sergei Stanishev said: “The PES appreciates all the efforts and devotion of First Vice-President Frans Timmermans who leads the fight for preserving democracy and independent judiciary system in Poland and it was the right move by the Commission to address these issues in a tougher way.”

The PES is constantly expressing its concerns about the way the right-wing government in Poland is trying to take control over traditional mechanisms of the modern democracy. Law and justice (PiS) already attacked the media freedom in the country and now they are aiming towards the judicial system.

“Hundreds of thousands demonstrating on the streets across Poland and a Presidential veto on the controversial reforms by the Polish president are clear enough signs that Law and Justice is moving against the will of Polish people. With the deadline given by the Commission yesterday the EU is sending even clearer signal. Let’s see what is more important for the authorities in Warsaw – absolute power at any cost or democracy.” Sergei Stanishev added.