PES welcomes new rules for a truly European election

PES welcomes new rules for a truly European election

These changes have being long pursued by the PES, as it is reflected in our resolution from our congress in 2015 in Budapest.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“European elections define the future of the EU and they should be run on a European agenda. They shouldn’t be a collection of national elections. We therefore welcome this step forward, under the leadership of the S&D group and Jo Leinen

“We welcome the changes aiming at encouraging participation from wherever European voters are on election day, because living in a different EU country shouldn’t be an obstacle to their right to vote.”

“We support that voters be told what European political group they will support through their national choice. That’s why the logos of European political families may be printed on ballot paper along with those from each national party. Citizens must be aware of the implications of their vote for the European Parliament and the European Commission.”

The PES is already working on strengthening the European dimension even for the 2019 elections. We are going to have our common candidate and we will have an open and democratic selection process involving all PES member parties across the European Union.