PES welcomes overwhelming victory of Michael Ludwig and SPÖ in Vienna

PES welcomes overwhelming victory of Michael Ludwig and SPÖ in Vienna

Uninterruptedly in government since 1945, SPÖ improved its result from the previous election and secured double the vote of its nearest competitor.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Voting social-democratic is as much a tradition in Vienna as the yearly philharmonic classical concerts. This historic predominance is all to be credited to SPÖ, to its progressive policies and its ability to deliver from government, making Vienna an ever more liveable and humane city. Our Austrian member party has tirelessly fought for sustainable and affordable housing, supporting people and preserving the environment. The public has rewarded it. Michael Ludwig has done a great job appealing to our roots and governing for the people. This is also our blueprint for success in Austria.”

The PES congratulates the successful campaign of SPÖ in Vienna which was focused on core social-democratic topics: social cohesion, work and employment, quality healthcare and especially on the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. SPÖ are acting to support citizens and local businesses. For example, a meal-voucher programme – which distributed 50 euros to each Viennese household to be spent in local restaurants and cafes – created a turnover of 30 million euros in the sector and helped save 60,000 jobs.

“Solidarity and equal opportunities are what citizens appreciate. This approach strengthened SPÖ and led to the decline of the far-right in this election” Stanishev added.