PES welcomes re-election of Frank-Walter Steinmeier as German president

PES welcomes re-election of Frank-Walter Steinmeier as German president

Commenting on the result, PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The PES congratulates President Steinmeier on his convincing re-election. Through challenging times, he has proven that he is a president citizens can count on. He is uniting force, a loyal representative, and a firm defender of democracy. All of Germany can be proud that he is continuing as president.

“The power of democracy – this was the main message from President Steinmeier yesterday. He made a truly historic speech, one which has an important resonance for Germany and for all of Europe. We must always strengthen our democracy, defending it against the dangers of hatred and intolerance. The PES stands at the side of President Steinmeier, the SPD and all democratic forces in this fight.”

Yesterday's vote in the special assembly – made up of the members of parliament’s lower house and representatives of Germany’s 16 states – saw lawmakers overwhelmingly back Frank-Walter Steinmeier for a second term. He has served as President of Germany since 19 March 2017.

In a speech accepting his election, President Steinmeier stated "Whoever fights for democracy will have me at his side. Whoever attacks it will have me as an opponent!" He vowed to defend these sacred rights for citizens and to work to build confidence in the future.