PES with a significant presence at the Labour party annual conference in Liverpool

PES with a significant presence at the Labour party annual conference in Liverpool

The Party of European Socialists hosted events in the framework of the Labour party annual conference in Liverpool, with the participation of PES treasurer Ruairi Quinn and of PES Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber.

“Working in close cooperation with our members and support them with PES activities during their events is a priority for us.  Supporting the UK Labour in the difficult times of Brexit means a lot to us. We are here to show the solidarity of the PES Family with the UK Labour party.”, Marije Laffeber said.


The UK Labour annual conference widely debated the Labour’s Brexit position and PES Ruairi Quinn participated in the debate on how to stop a Tory Brexit, six months away from the legal deadline for an agreement. He underlined the spirit of cooperation at the heart of the EU:

“This European project, this jewel of civilisation, of tolerance and respect did not come about by accident. It has been sustained by endeavour. And Britain has played a central role in the darkest hours of Europe to ensure that that endeavour brought us into the light”.


Eloise Todd, from the pro-Remain organisation ‘Best for Britain’, British MEP Richard Corbett, Femi Oluwole – from ‘OurFuture, Our Choice’ – and Alison McGovern – from the House of Commons -, took part in the debate and criticised the Tory government’s lack of transparency and vision.


In the panel to commemorate the 100th anniversary since women gained the right to vote, PES Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber called for more presence of women in top political positions to be able to lead and inspire young girls, such as Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. Laffeber also underlined the importance of experienced women in politics to share knowledge with newly elected women. UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornbury called on women to stand for office. Other participants were Tuula Haatainen – Deputy Secretary General of the Finnish Parliament -, Febe Potgieter – General Manager of the African National Congress -, Nwwar Salman – from the Jordanian Social Democratic Party -, and Senator Jenny McAllister, from the Australian Labour Party.