Rainbow Rose Adopts Roadmap for LGBTI Equality Across Europe

Rainbow Rose Adopts Roadmap for LGBTI Equality Across Europe

More than 40 representatives from around 20 different nationalities attended the event hosted by HES France, the LGBT group linked with the French Socialist Party to discuss the current state of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex rights in Europe.

Rainbow Rose President Aurélien Mazuy declared: “It is great to see that the organization keeps on growing and attracting new comrades from all over Europe. A lot of things have been done in 2016 by our volunteers, inside and outside our political family. Today we hope that the roadmap discussed this weekend will lead the way to the adoption of a PES LGBTI roadmap.” 

Vice President of the European Parliament and MEP Sylvie Guillaume, reminded the audience of the difficulties LGBTI rights are facing due to the rise of conservative and extremists forces in Europe. 

Among the guests of the assembly were prominent progressive politicians such as Marja Bijl, Vice President of PES Women, Carly Walker-Dawson, Secretary General of International Falcon Movement, Alessandro Pirisi, Secretary General of the International Union for Socialist Youth, Laura Slimani, President of the Young European Socialists Christine Revault d’Allonnes-Bonnefoy, MEP, France S&D Group, Philip Cordery, French MP and more. 

The General Assembly was an opportunity for the various delegations to touch base with each other on best practices, exchange ideas and establish closer relationships for future collaboration.