Romania: election winner PSD must be given opportunity to form government

Romania: election winner PSD must be given opportunity to form government

The will of the Romanian people must now be respected. As the largest party following the election, PSD should be given the first opportunity to propose the next Prime Minister and present its programme for government. The PSD has a strong plan to deliver progress and a recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“I send our warmest congratulations to Marcel Ciolacu and PSD. They have earned the people’s trust during an election campaign which saw the full weight of government being used to try to delegitimise PSD.

“As the winner of this election, Marcel Ciolacu must be given the opportunity to form the next government. President Iohannis must fulfil his constitutional role impartially and reflect the clearly expressed will of Romanian voters. He must open up the way for a PSD government of progress and stability that can manage the COVID crisis and the economic recovery.” 

Last night, incumbent PNL Prime Minister Ludovic Orban tried to claim victory at the election after initial exit-polls were announced. Just like outgoing US President Donald Trump, Orban is trying to present himself as the winner of the election despite clearly losing the vote.

Ahead of the general election the PES expressed concerns about the tactics of PNL and President Iohannis, warning that the president may refuse to accept the will of Romanian people.