Schulz connecting best with EU voters

Schulz connecting best with EU voters

The PES launched its #knockthevote for @MartinSchulz’ grassroots mobilisation movement back in 2013. The aim is to knock on actual and virtual doors to mobilize voters. A European wide network of PES super activists have been trained to mobilise their activists to meet voters though door-to-door canvassing. Furthermore 2000 PES digital activists knock the virtual vote by interacting with voters online every day.

The PES is the only pan-European party with genuine grassroots mobilisation, maximizing voter meetings online and on the ground to promote our common candidate Martin Schulz for the European Commission Presidency. 

Since being nominated as PES common candidate in Rome on 1 March 2014, Martin Schulz has also taken his campaign for the Presidency of the European Commission all over Europe. By the time the last votes are cast on 25 May, he will have visited 24 countries and many European towns and cities.

Schulz is leading his rivals in the online race. With over 200.000 combined supporters and followers across his Twitter and Facebook profiles he is engaging millions of voters each day. This week alone, Martin Schulz reached over 15 million people online.

The key showdown between Martin Schulz and the other candidates for European Commission President is taking place in Brussels tonight at the Eurovision (EBU) Debate in the European Parliament. The event will be broadcasted by 49 TV stations, 39 websites and 10 radio stations making it a true highpoint in the European Election Campaign.