Stanishev rallies progressives ahead of Election Congress in Madrid

Stanishev rallies progressives ahead of Election Congress in Madrid

In the letter, Sergei Stanishev said:

“With this strong manifesto and Frans Timmermans as our candidate, I believe we are entering the election battle well-armed and well-prepared.

“This Election Congress will be a crucial moment to demonstrate the unity of our political family and to highlight our differences with the conservatives – who are obsessed with maintaining the status quo – and the destructive nationalists. It is a moment to reach out to every citizen, an invitation to all those who believe a different, progressive Europe is possible.

“I believe that we, as Progressives, have the historic mission to restore people’s faith in shared freedom, peace and prosperity – the origins of the European Union.”

On 22-23 February, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and PSOE will host the 2019 PES Election Congress in Madrid. PES Prime Ministers, party leaders, figures from the progressive family and activists from across Europe will to come together to demonstrate their determination to fight for a free, fair and sustainable Europe.

At the event the PES will unveil its 2019 election manifesto, A New Social Contract for Europe – the policy platform that will transform Europe after the elections in May. The event will kick-off the election campaign with PES Common Candidate, Frans Timmermans.