PES deepens the discussion on making the EMU more progressive

PES deepens the discussion on making the EMU more progressive

The participants of the High Level Working Group continued their assessment of the current EMU framework and brought forward proposals from making it fairer and people – oriented. They highlighted the need for greater social and economic convergence and for developing solidarity instruments that can address future economic shocks and promote economic growth via investment.

Maria João Rodrigues, chair of the High Level Working Group and Vice President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, stated: 

‘Our political family is ready to lead the debate for having a more democratic, a more fair and a more social EMU. We are coming forward with proposals to ensure that investment will be intensified, the social dimension will be safeguarded and citizens will no longer have to pay for the mistakes of the banking sector. We are also discussing solidarity mechanisms that ensure the stability of the union, and the sustainability of our welfare states.’

She added ‘We envision an EMU that puts citizens needs first. We want a Union that is not driven by competition but by achieving greater productivity. We call for financial regulation that protects citizens’ deposits.’

The meeting was also attended by:

Pierre Moscovici – Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
Wolfgang Pointner -Advisor in the Federal Chancellery SPÖ, Austria
Jan De Bock – International Secretary sp.a., Belgium
Georgi Pirinski – Member of the European Parliament, BSP, Bulgaria
Aleš Chmelař – Head of EU Strategies department at Government office, CSSD, Czech Republic
Tytti Tuppurainen – PES Presidency Member SDP, Finland
Philipp Steinberg – Chief of Cabinet of SPD Leader SPD, Germany
Marco Piantini – European Advisor to the Prime Minister, PD, Italy
Rimantas Šadžius – Finance Minister, Chair of the PES ECOFIN Ministers network, LSDP, Lithuania
Nicolas Schmit – Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy Chair of the PES EOSCO Ministers network, LSAP, Luxembourg
Michal Polak – Adviser to the State secretary of the Ministry of Finance Ivan Lessay, SMER, Slovakia
Mojca Kleva – Special Adviser SD, Slovenia
Charlotte Svensson – State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, SAP, Sweden
Pervenche Berès – MEP, Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs Chair of the PES Social Europe Network, European Parliament
Jakob von Weizsäcker – MEP, S&D Group member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Parliament
Conny Reuter – Secretary General Solidar