PES Presidency approves declarations on SMER, refugees and EMU

PES Presidency approves declarations on SMER, refugees and EMU


After months of monitoring the situation with its Slovakian member party SMER-SD and a series of fact finding missions, the PES Presidency today adopted a declaration on the issue. “We firmly condemn the recent statements by Robert Fico on the role of Islam in Slovakia. We also have concerns and serious questions regarding his policy on refugees, minorities, especially LGBT people”, the declaration reads. The document also says that “There is a need for a critical assessment at the beginning of the Slovak Presidency.”

Link to the full text of the declaration.


The PES Presidency warmly welcomed the conclusions of the PES High Level Working Group on ‘A New Fair Deal for the Eurozone and the EU’ as a constructive contribution to the ongoing debate on deepening the Economic and Monetary Union. Socialists and Democrats have long led the debate on the reform of the European economic policy mix and the adopted declaration brings new momentum to our fight for more equal societies and more sustainable economic governance.

The declaration proposes concrete measures supporting strong and cohesive societies, adequate responses to economic downturns, tax fairness, stability of the banking sector, sustainable and pro-growth investment, as well as inclusive, representative and democratic economic governance.

Link to declaration on EMU


The PES Presidency also approved a declaration to address the challenges of the refugee crisis and to propose progressive solutions. The document calls for fair sharing of responsibilities and solidarity between Member States, further harmonization and quick implementation of asylum rules. The document is set for adoption also by PES Prime Ministers and heads of state from the PES family during a progressive global conference on the future of migration policies on 8 July in Paris.