1st meeting of the PES Agriculture Ministers

1st meeting of the PES Agriculture Ministers

The Ministers will work for more solidarity in European agricultural policy, and in particular expressed their concern about the Russian ban against agricultural products, and the end to milk quotas. Ministers will also devote their time to ensuring that the EU’s negotiations for a free trade agreement with the USA (TTIP) do not have a negative effect on agricultural production in Europe.

The Ministers looked forward to the European Parliamentary hearing of Agriculture Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan, after which they hope to see work begin quickly on a number of key issues. The Ministers expect to work closely with the Parliament’s AGRI Committee in the coming five years.


List of participants:

Stephane Le Foll – France, Chair

Maurizio Martina – Italy, Host

Svenja Spanjol – Croatia

Roderick Galdes – Malta

Sharon Dijksma – The Netherlands

Dejan Zidan – Slovenia

Paolo de Castro – MEP