No region, no person left behind with Elisa Ferreira

No region, no person left behind with Elisa Ferreira

The prospective Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms appeared before MEPs to set out her plans for the role, which is at the heart of the European project. Her progressive agenda will see cohesion policy support the transition to a digital, sustainable and gender balanced economy.

Within the first 100 days of the Commission, Elisa Ferreira will bring forward plans for a Just Transition Fund – a key progressive policy put forward by the PES at the European elections – to support Europe’s workers and consumers as we shift to a more energy efficient, renewables-focused and low-carbon economy. This will feed into the wider objectives of the European Green Deal. Her approach to cohesion will reflect the key economic, social and territorial goals, structural challenges, and local needs of each region. This means using cohesion to support the sustainable development of cities and urban areas, foster the digital and green economy, and address poverty, transport, housing and climate challenges.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Effective cohesion policy must recognise the great diversity of Europe’s regions and territories, offering support specific to their needs, whilst also working towards the broader goal of a more sustainable and equal Europe. This is the approach Elisa Ferreira has set out – cohesion policy where no region, and no person is left behind. Working alongside Executive Vice-President-designate Frans Timmermans, Elisa will be instrumental in ushering in a sustainable Europe through the Just Transition Fund. This is a big step forward for Europe, and she has the backing of the entire progressive political family in this mission.”

The current Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal, Elisa Ferreira has been a Member of the European Parliament for many years, and was the Portuguese Minister for Planning and Minister for Environment. She is Portugal’s first female nominee for Commissioner and she will oversee Europe’s cohesion policy, ensuring no one and no region is left behind.