PES commends Spanish regulation that will protect riders

PES commends Spanish regulation that will protect riders

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“An Uber rider is not an entrepreneur, but a worker, and all workers deserve protection. We have been saying this for years, particularly during the EU election campaign. We are very glad that Spain is pushing through progressive legislation to shield workers from the abuses of delivery platforms. People come before profit.

“The digital economy must be based on technological innovation, not social dumping. All workers have a right to stable income, unemployment protection, social security and health insurance. We commend the socialist-led Spanish government for this piece of legislation, and we will continue to work to achieve equivalent protection for all platform workers in Europe.”

The regulation has been drafted following a court decision declaring riders as bogus independent workers and requiring them to be considered as employees.

The decision in Spain follows similar rulings in the UK and France which have also extended workers’ rights for people working in the gig economy.