PES Europe ministers: More social Europe is the only way ahead

PES Europe ministers: More social Europe is the only way ahead

French Secretary of State for European Affairs Harlem Désir said:

“The EU is the greatest political achievement of the last two generations. It has brought peace, stability and prosperity and it has been a vehicle of democracy and solidarity. Now it is time to spread that solidarity further so it can help all Europeans. We need a strong social pillar for the EU.”

Ministers agreed that the EU will only be successful if it promotes genuine equality, fairness and social justice among all its people.

Harlem Désir said:

“Social progress means convergence among our countries, but it must be an upward convergence, where the living standards are improved, where people are paid decent salaries and can live on them.

“I am confident that a strong social pillar of the European Union will be included in the forthcoming Rome declaration, and I look forward to the social summit in Sweden at the end of this year, where our leaders will meet on Prime Minister Löfven’s initiative.”

The meeting was hosted by Minister for Europe in Germany Michael Roth. He stated:

“We expect a clear signal of unity and solidarity of the member states in Rome next week. Narrow national interests will not solve any of the challenges ahead. For us, the EU is the answer to the globalized world and we will defend it against all tendencies of re-nationalization.”

The PES will fight to preserve and improve the European social model, which is the trademark of progressives and the trademark of Europe.