PES glad that a fair EU budget is gaining momentum, calls for Commission to speed process up

PES glad that a fair EU budget is gaining momentum, calls for Commission to speed process up

PES welcomes the majority voting in favour of the European Parliament position on the MFF post-2020 today in Strasbourg.

The position was adopted thanks to a major contribution from the Socialists & Democrats group, ensuring that the proposed EU budget will guarantee fair growth, social stability and equal opportunities for all countries and citizens in the Union.

After casting his vote in favour, PES President Sergei Stanishev, who is also an S&D MEP, said:

“I am proud that the PES programme to extend the Youth Employment Initiative and Erasmus+, as well as our proposal on fighting child poverty in the EU, were endorsed by the parliament. It is great news that our vision of a stronger cohesion policy was backed by the European Parliament today, as well as the move towards financing the EU through its own resources.

“Our part is done. Now it’s up to the Commission either to add momentum to process of creating a better future for the EU, or to apply the handbrake.”

The PES stands with the European Parliament in the call for a European budget that is able to deliver on social and economic cohesion, to invest more into human capital, to support innovation and to create European public goods.

We also fully support the creation of ‘own resources’ that can assist in the sustainability of the overall EU budget after Brexit, and creating a specific Eurozone budget.

European socialists and democrats were also surprised by members of the ALDE group in the European Parliament abstaining from a vote that was so clearly aimed at guaranteeing the future of the European project.

Mr Stanishev added:

“The European budget is the engine that powers social and economic convergence in Europe. It makes our daily lives better. It invests into infrastructure projects that bring our cities and countries closer. It gives funding to projects related to innovation and research that make our planet cleaner. We must make sure it works for the good of all EU citizens, and especially for our youth.”