PES: thanks to Speranza, Italy weathered the Covid-19 storm

PES: thanks to Speranza, Italy weathered the Covid-19 storm

File photo: Roberto Speranza, then Italian Minister of Health, at a PES health ministers' meeting in Brussels, Belgium, March 2022.

The PES condemns the vulgar and unjustified attacks against Roberto Speranza, former health minister of Italy, by the incoming right-wing government of Giorgia Meloni.

The PES leadership expresses its solidarity with him and thanks him for his initiative in responding to the Covid-19 health emergency.

Giacomo Filibeck, Executive Secretary General of the PES, said:

“The decisive actions that Roberto Speranza took in Italy were an inspiration to decision-makers across Europe. Thanks to him and his colleagues from our political family thousands of lives were saved in Italy and abroad.

“Roberto Speranza was a trusted member of our network of health ministers. His insights into preventing the spread of Covid-19 and distributing vaccines were always very valuable to his fellow ministers.

“The pandemic demonstrated to us once again how essential quality public services, including affordable healthcare, are to our societies. Socialists and social democrats will continue to fight for them.”

The PES Health Ministers Network brings together ministers responsible for health from nine EU Member States. The ministers gather ahead of meetings of the Council of the EU to exchange views and coordinate positions within the progressive family.