PES: The recovery cannot wait, Member States must put EU plan into action

PES: The recovery cannot wait, Member States must put EU plan into action

Representatives from PES member parties and organisations convened digitally to discuss the proposal and how to move Europe towards a social, digital, gender equal, and sustainable future. 

The Presidency adopted a declaration welcoming the plan, which includes key progressive priorities like a strong recovery fund, increased Just Transition funding, investment in education and training for young people, the Child Guarantee, and taxing digital giants. The Presidency called on governments to urgently adopt and implement the plan.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“This is the ambitious plan with solid resources that progressives have been pushing for from the very beginning. It is a lifeline for citizens and a breakthrough for our family. Now we have a historic chance to rejuvenate the EU.

“Europe must grasp this opportunity to set the recovery in motion. We must support the countries, regions and sectors that are being hit hardest, and strengthen our social model and the green and digital transitions. We must show that the European project places solidarity between countries, regions and people first. This must happen now. Recovery cannot wait.

“Member States must act together to deliver this as soon as possible, so the Commission’s plan can be put to work in the interest of all Europe’s citizens, to protect them, their jobs, and to relaunch the economy.

“This is a victory for our family as we push to create a green, social, digital, gender balanced, and sustainable future for Europe beyond this crisis.”

The PES Presidency declaration – In support of strong European action to contain and recover from the COVID-19 crisis comes after a series of online discussions among member parties, videoconferences of progressive ministers, and various PES Networks meetings.