PES welcomes agreement on MFF and recovery package

PES welcomes agreement on MFF and recovery package

The PES commends the German presidency of the Council and the European Parliament’s negotiators – and particularly the efforts of the S&D rapporteur Margarida Marques MEP and negotiator Eider Gardiázabal MEP – for reaching the historic deal. It builds on the work of S&D leader Iratxe Garcia and others who have been fighting for a progressive budget and recovery package.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The path is now open for Europe to move forward with certainty, implementing a recovery and an ambitious MFF with the European Green Deal at its centre. We are pleased that at least 30% of the long-term budget will be focused on meeting our climate targets. The fairer and more sustainable Europe we are fighting for is in sight.

“We also strongly welcome the new mechanism that has been incorporated in the deal to ensure European values are respected by all Member States. Europe must never compromise on its fundamental values. There is no question: the Rule of Law, democracy and justice must upheld by all.”

The PES calls on all members of the European Parliament to approve the deal, and for its full and swift ratification by all Member States. Any attempt to derail the MFF and recovery package will only hurt citizens, depriving them of a much-needed recovery.

PES President Sergei Stanishev added:

“Viktor Orbán threat to hold the recovery hostage is irresponsible and potentially deeply damaging for Hungary and citizens across Europe. Socialists and democrats think it is time to urgently support people. We urge all political families to get behind this deal.”

The historic agreement reached today includes a 16bn euro top up for flagship European Parliament programmes to improve the lives of citizens, including EU4Health, Erasmus+, Horizon and more.

A legally binding roadmap to secure own resources for the EU has also been agreed, focusing on key PES demands such as taxes on polluters, fair digital taxation and a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB).

Equality between women and men has also been introduced as a horizontal principle in both the MFF and Next Generation EU – a milestone for equality in Europe, which the PES strongly welcomes.

The European Parliament also secures a stronger role as a budgetary authority in the Recovery Instrument and Next Generation EU. This strengthens the legitimacy and accountability to citizens in the budgetary decision-making process.