Progressives take Europe a step closer to eradicating child poverty

Progressives take Europe a step closer to eradicating child poverty

The S&Ds put forward the European Child Guarantee as a new instrument to tackle the multidimensional aspects of child poverty and will now continue their push to secure the funding. The S&Ds also managed to increase the European Social Fund+ budget dedicated to youth, social inclusion, the most deprived and the capacity building of social partners and civil society organisations.

The PES has long fought for younger generations. In the PES European Youth Plan, a series of measures are set out to support youth employment, access to education and to culture. From the start, the PES has supported the idea of a European Child Guarantee, securing children’s access to healthcare, education, childcare, housing and nutrition.

Welcoming the vote, PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“It is unacceptable that child poverty is still an issue in Europe, one of the wealthiest places on the planet. Our political family does not accept it.

“Thanks to our fellow progressives in the S&D group, the push for Eur5.9 billion for the Child Guarantee is a step closer. We now need to confirm this financial commitment in the negotiations with the Council. We will keep pushing for the EU to match ambitions with action, to put its money where its mouth is.”  

The Child Guarantee is one of the four pillars of the European Youth Plan proposed by the PES to provide better life for the European youth and to ensure better future for the next generation of Europeans. Read more about the European Youth Plan here.