Schmit proves he can deliver on jobs and social rights as Commissioner

Schmit proves he can deliver on jobs and social rights as Commissioner

Facing MEPs this morning, Commissioner-designate Nicolas Schmit set out his progressive vision for the Jobs portfolio, emphasising that a fairer Europe means ensuing social rights are at the centre of the EU project.

The prospective Commissioner backed a framework for minimum wages across Europe, collective bargaining, and better protection for platform workers, all proposals he previously pushed as a national minister attending the PES network of employment and social affairs ministers. Nicolas Schmit also advocated for other key progressive policies – the Child Guarantee, a European Unemployment Reinsurance Scheme, and an effective European Labour Authority.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Nicolas Schmit was a successful Minister and this strong performance today shows he will be an excellent Commissioner as well. The PES is proud to share its priorities with him and we are confident he will be an effective force against inequality in Europe. But, we strongly believe his role should be the Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, clearly reflecting the full scope of his portfollio and the work he will undertake as a Commissioner. We look forward to working with him to build a Europe based on solidarity and fairness, with good jobs and strong social rights for all.”

Nicolas Schmit has the background and skills required to successfully manage an important Commission portfolio. He is a former national Minister for Employment and Labour, and former chair of the PES EPSCO network. As a Commissioner, he will use this experience to strengthen Europe’s social dimension and ensure those in work are supported to earn a living and those out of work are supported to find a job and gain the skills they need.