PES ENVI Network: EU must not compromise on green future

PES ENVI Network: EU must not compromise on green future

Gathering for the first time since the European Parliament vote earlier this month, the Network welcomed the landmark law – the first and most fundamental piece of EU legislation to kickstart the implementation of the European Green Deal.

Network Chair and MEP Javi Lopez said:

“Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans put forward a bold Climate Law, and with the aid of Jytte Guteland in the European Parliament who kept the initiative ambitious despite attacks from conservatives, socialists and democrats are pushing ahead with a green future for Europe.

“We are now one step further in our journey to put climate neutrality by 2050 into European law. Progressives are fighting for a strong interim target on gas reduction as well as a negative carbon balance post 2050.

“Now we will see what deal is reached in the Council, but first and foremost it is vital that an ambitious Climate Law is brought into force. This is the right decision for this generation, for future generations, and for the health of our planet.”

The PES strongly welcomed the Climate Law when it was successfully voted on in the European Parliament.

MEP Delara Burkhardt also briefed the meeting on the on a report she is preparing on global deforestation and the EU supply chain.

Forests around the world serve multiple purposes, they function as natural carbon sinks and are essential habitats for many species. Socialists are committed to protecting them, as an essential component to keep the planet and our environment healthy, our climate intact and our biodiversity strong.

Finally, for the Network exchange on an upcoming PES brochure on sustainable cities, Juan Espada provided valuable input based on his experience as the Mayor of Seville and Member of the PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions. Cities can be drivers of the transition towards climate and environmental sustainability, while also emerging as the bedrock for social justice by providing opportunities to all their citizens.

The meeting was attended by:

  • Javi Lopez, Chair of the PES Environment, Climate Change and Energy Network, Member of the European Parliament, PSC, Spain
  • Maria Joao Rodrigues, PES Financial and Economic Network Chair and President of FEPS
  • Juan Cejas Espadas, Mayor of Seville, Member of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions, PSOE, Spain
  • Delara Burkhardt, Member of the European Parliament, SPD, Germany
  • Mohammed Chahim, Member of the European Parliament, PvdA, The Netherlands
  • Marcos Ros Sempere, Member of the European Parliament, PSOE, Spain
  • Erik Bergkvist, Member of the European Parliament, SAP, Sweden
  • Jytte Guteland, Member of the European Parliament, SAP, Sweden
  • Julia Herr, Member of the Parliament, SPO, Austria
  • Atanas Kostadinov, Member of the Parliament, BSP, Bulgaria
  • Roby Biwer, Member of Bettembourg Municipal Council, LSAP, Luxembourg
  • Anne Lambelin, Vice-President, PS, Belgium
  • Florent Legrand, Policy Adviser, PS, Belgium
  • Nata Ioannou, PR and Communications Manager, EDEK, Cyprus
  • Pavlos Antoniou, Youth Office member, EDEK, Cyprus
  • Ekaterina Smirnova, Research Associate of Doris Barnett MP, SPD, Germany
  • Alexandros Karydis, Representative, KINAL, Greece
  • Said El Khadraoui, Special Adviser, FEPS
  • Francois Balate, Head of Cabinet for Maria Joao Rodrigues, FEPS
  • Charlotte Billingham, Senior Policy Adviser, FEPS
  • Zefi Dimadama, Vice-President, PES Women
  • Elisha Winckel, Vice-President, YES
  • Corina Popa, Policy Adviser, S&D Group
  • Sandra Hult, Assistant to MEP Erik Bergkvist, S&D Group
  • Olga Rueda, Assistant to MEP Javi Lopez, S&D Group
  • Francisco Galián, Assistant to MEP Marcos Ros, S&D Group
  • Giacomo Ferretti, Assistant to MEP Patrizia Toia, S&D Group
  • Veniero Adriano Fusco, Assistant to MEP Patrizia Toia, S&D Group
  • Charly Heberer, Assistant to MEP Tiemo Wölken, S&D Group
  • Nicolas Lété, Policy Adviser, PES Group in the Committee of Regions
  • Raphael Weyland, Head of Brussels office, BirdLife Europe
  • Marta Szigeti Bonifert, Board Member, CEE Network for Gender Issues
  • Harriet Mackaill-Hill, EU Climate & Energy Policy Coordinator, Climate Action Network
  • Raphael Hasenknopf, Representative, Energy Cities
  • Bela Galgoczi, Senior Research Officer, ETUI
  • Virginia Enssie Martinez, Junior Advocacy Officer, Fair Trade Advocacy Office
  • Kelsey Perlman, Forest and Climate Campaigner, FERN
  • Andreas Brieger, Deputy Head of the EU Office, German Trade Union Confederation
  • Stephen Minas, Associate Professor, School of Transnational Law, University College London
  • Yonnec Polet, Deputy Secretary General, PES