PES welcomes EUCO endorsement for progressive energy plan

PES welcomes EUCO endorsement for progressive energy plan

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The key word for Europe now must be solidarity. Solidarity with Ukraine, and solidarity with one another as Member States.

“A clear positive takeaway from this European Council is the endorsement of REPowerEU. Thanks to Frans Timmermans, Europe has a clear plan to end its dependency on Russian fossil fuels. This is strategically important, certainly geopolitically. Accelerating the green transition is also vital for the planet, as part of reducing our carbon emissions, and for people, to reduce their energy bills.

“The sixth sanctions package is a further step aimed at critically diminishing Russia’s ability to continue its brutal war. But the way this summit was led shows European unity is at real risk of splintering, with conservatives acting as the wedge. That should sound alarm bells for everyone who believes in the EU project. Europe must remain united and resolute while also being cautious about the impact of the multiple challenges faced by European economies and households. I am particularly glad that it is progressive governments and leaders who assert the proper solutions and policies through these most difficult of times for Europe.”

The PES commends socialist and social democratic heads of government for the positive contribution to the European Council. Europe’s progressive political family has strongly backed REPowerEU since it was announced by European Commission Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans in March. The PES is pleased to see the potential of the Iberian Peninsula recognised by the European Council.

The PES stands with Ukraine and against the brutal Russian invasion. The PES strongly supports all sanctions on Russia as part of wider efforts to bring the war to a close. Under the sixth package of sanctions, Europe’s plans is to stop importing 90% of Russian oil and will extend the exclusion from the SWIFT payment system to other banks.

The PES also welcomes the continued commitment by the EU to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, help for refugees, support to rebuild the country for the future, and other efforts. Building on Versailles, commitments to implement the Strategic Compass and improve defence cooperation are also welcome.