European Socialists support Polish women fighting for their rights

European Socialists support Polish women fighting for their  rights

PES Women has long campaigned for women’s autonomy under the banner ‘#MyBodyMyRights’.

Zita Gurmai, PES Women President commented:

‘What is happening in Poland is a form of violence against women, and would roll back the already minimal reproductive rights afforded to women in Poland. Women are capable of making independent choices and I am proud of Polish women for standing up for their rights, and proud of our sister party in Poland for fighting the government’s regressive proposal and trying to introduce more progressive reproductive rights.

The Polish government’s proposal is an attack on women’s autonomy, and would only increase their barriers to social, economic and political equality.’

PES member party the SLD has condemned the proposed ban. They, and the PES believe that women need informed and independent medical information. The SLD will this week begin collecting signatures under a citizens’ motion for a referendum that would ask whether abortion should be allowed if:

1) The women’s life is in danger,

2) The pregnancy is the result of criminally proven rape or incest,

3) The foetus is severely and irreversibly malformed,

4) The woman is pregnant for less than 12 weeks.