Gender network tackles intergenerational dialogue

Gender network tackles intergenerational dialogue

The summer school was the sixth such event to take place since the founding of the Network, and was also supported by Olof Palme International Center and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. This year’s title was ‘Transforming politics: intergenerational dialogue on gender equality and solidarity’.

Among the main speakers were PES Women president Zita Gurmai and vice-presidents Marja Bijl and Karolina Leaković. Delegates included academics, political leaders, youth representatives and women’s activists, addressing questions such as:

  • How can we achieve not only political participation and substantial representation of youth and women, but a political programme which benefits these groups?
  • How can we link and support the many grassroots projects that have been created in this area?

Ms Gurmai said:

“As social democrats, what I hope we can do is to create synergies between people who are fighting for the same cause, engaging with people on the ground to support them in their work.

“Events like this are a crucial step towards achieving this.”

Read PES Women’s full report on the event on their webpage.