Ministers in Malta to push for women’s rights as an EU priority

Ministers in Malta to push for women’s rights as an EU priority

PES Women President Zita Gurmai said: “While women’s rights are advancing in countries like Malta, under the government of Partit Laburista, they are receding clearly in others like Poland or Hungary. The gender pay gap continues to be unacceptably high: 16.7% and, with the raise of the extreme right and the extremist right, the hunger for justice of millions of women and men is being portrayed as luxurious. This has to stop now”.

Gender ministers and state secretaries discussed the call for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention against violence against women and effective ways to provide women in particular and working families in general with better work-life balance options.

Minister Helena Dalli reiterated Malta’s Presidency pledge to make gendered violence and gender equality one of its mandate’s core human rights goals.

Zita Gurmai said: “It’s a shame that the rights of women and the LGBTI are being taken hostage by reactionary governments at the Council. What is happening in Europe and around the world shows that we need to have better engagement and regulation and not less”.


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