“Pay me like a man”: Equal Pay Day 2016 goes European

“Pay me like a man”: Equal Pay Day 2016 goes European

European facts on the gender pay gap

In Europe, women earn 16% less than men (on average gross hourly income of full and part-time workers, Eurostat, 2014). The differences between European member states are big. In Poland, Malta, Slovenia, Italy and Luxemburg, the pay gap is under 10%, while in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, the gap reaches over 20%. Estonia falls to the bottom of the list with 28%. Neighbouring countries are doing worse than Belgium (10%), with 16% (the Netherlands), 15%, (France) and 18% (the UK).

European sisterhood

The pay gap is thus a problem in and for all Member States. This is why zij-kant, PES Women and the Dutch PvdA-women are launching the European Equal Pay Day video clip. The communication company mortierbrigade, since 2005 the main service provider of the Belgian Equal Pay Day clips, has once again created a high-quality clip to raise awareness at international level about the gender pay gap. They joined forces with the renowned production company Czar.

Pay me like a man

The clip features American actress Erika Ervin. ‘Amazon Eve’ was born as William (California, 1979) and is known for her career in modelling. She explains how happy she is to go through life as a woman as it has lots of advantages, but explains that there are many negative points too. Women are still considered inferior to men, and she has experienced the pay gap since she became a woman.

With this international high-profile clip PES-Women, zij-kant and PvdA-women launch their European Equal Pay campaign.
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