PES Women and Rainbow Rose: Europe needs a feminist outcry for equality

PES Women and Rainbow Rose: Europe needs a feminist outcry for equality

We want to reclaim spaces for women – streets, workspaces, online spaces, public discourses, and our very own homes. The campaign demands an end to all forms of gender-based violence everywhere, equality in representation and decision making everywhere, equal access to public services, and a European feminist movement that promotes progressive values.

The campaign was kicked off with a debate on Twitter Spaces yesterday, with guest speakers such as President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament Iratxe García Perez, 1st Vice President of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions & Mayor of Ovanaker Yoomi Renström, and EL*C board member Dragana Todorovic. Listeners were encouraged to engage in an increasingly necessary conversation: what challenges do women* continuously face in different environments and how can society reclaim spaces for women*? What are the obstacles for LBT* women?

President of Rainbow Rose Camila Garfias said:

“Our political family has always been side by side with the feminist and the LGBTIQ movement. The pandemic and its consequences have led to an increasing number of attacks against women* and LBT* women. Our goals are to promote equality, inclusiveness, and diversity through a European feminist movement, with the representation of a strong LBT* community. This is the aim of our campaign: to raise awareness but also to call for action.

“Especially in the times of crisis and war which we currently witness, it is important to remember that no crisis is gender-blind. The protection of civilians, especially women*, kids and minority groups such as the LGBTI communities, who are often hit first and the hardest should be our first goal. We therefore extend our solidarity with all women* and LGBTI people in Ukraine and call for an end of the war.”

PES Women President Zita Gurrmai said:

“Even in 2022, women are marginalised, threatened and murdered. It is happening in their homes and in the streets, in board meetings and in their own communities. This 8 March, we have a clear message for society as a whole: we need a feminist outcry for equality.

“Women deserve to be an equal part of society, loving who they want to love, doing, wearing, saying, whatever they wish. We will not get tired of repeating this message: a free, democratic, fair society is only possible when women can act freely, have democratic rights, equal access to services and opportunities and are treated fairly. With the relentless work of socialists and democrats, our societies have come a long way, but we will not stop until all women can reclaim their space – especially seeing the backlash on women’s rights in certain EU countries.”

Share the campaign with your colleagues, workplace, family, and on social media. Join by sharing a visual or video of spaces in your community you would like to reclaim for yourself or for women* and tag @PES_Women and @RainbowRose_PES. Do so by using the hashtag #reclaimyourspace and #proudfeminist.

The gender star* in the campaign’s communication indicates that not only women and men, but all genders and gender identities are addressed and included.