PES Women publishes progressive blueprint to build a feminist economy for Europe

PES Women publishes progressive blueprint to build a feminist economy for Europe

Following several months of preparation and consultation with member and partner organisations, academics and civil society actors, PES Women presents the brochure: A feminist economy for Europe – towards a progressive economic system that works for women.

This publication contains PES Women’s vision for a progressive, feminist economy for Europe, set out in four pillars: 1. Creating an inclusive and gender equal labour market, 2. Recognising the value of the care economy, 3. Promoting gender-just business practices, and 4. Gender mainstreaming economic transitions.

Realising a feminist economy is more important than ever in the light of the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. PES Women envisions a fair and sustainable economy that works for everyone, regardless of their gender. An economy that is inclusive and just, guided by the principles of gender equality, intersectionality, diversity, solidarity, dignity, well-being, human rights, democracy and the Rule of Law. In short, an economy built for real people with real concerns and aspirations, not just for profit.

In the foreword, PES Women President Zita Gurmai writes:

“The situation for women in Europe is unfair and unsustainable. It is time for holistic change, starting with how we view the distribution of power, work and money in relation to gender. […] It is time to make women in all their diversity truly count in the European economy, starting with a gender-mainstreamed COVID-19 recovery strategy. Europe must build back better, or we risk backsliding on the last decades of gender equality progress. […] Gender equality must be built into the very fabric of the next generation of European economic policies.

“This publication is a rallying cry. It is an invitation to other feminist progressives to join the conversation and present their own ideas for how to make Europe’s post-COVID-19 economic system more gender-just.”

The four pillars are complemented with best practice examples and policy proposals. The brochure contains a short history of our current economic system seen through women’s eyes, an overview of the case for a feminist economy, and a summary of concrete steps to achieve it.

PES Women invites everyone to examine this publication, to share it and to build upon it to achieve gender equality. There is a long way to change established macro-economic policy-making, gender roles and a patriarchal system that is disadvantaging women. All feminist voices are needed, so join the conversation.