Women deserve more: a progressive European Commission will protect and promote women’s rights

Women deserve more: a progressive European Commission will protect and promote women’s rights

A vote for a PES member party in the European elections is a vote to protect and promote women’s rights and empowerment. Frans Timmermans – the PES candidate for President of the European Commission – is in Madrid today to show solidarity with thousands of Spanish women who are marching across the country for equality.

The PES Common Candidate said:

“I am a feminist. That is why I say that it’s time to put an end to inequality in Europe. The fight for women’s rights must be shared by men and women. My two daughters and two sons must have an equal place and equal rights in society. It’s time to close the gender pay gap and pension gap. It’s time for women and men to have the same work-life balance. It’s time to put an end to gender-based violence and sexual harassment. It’s time for every woman to have access to their full sexual and reproductive rights.”

The PES Manifesto – A New Social Contract for Europe – includes proposals to introduce a binding EU Gender Equality Strategy to end the pay and pensions gap, combat sexual harassment and gender-based violence, and ensure every individual can access their rights.

PES Women – which promotes gender equality and women’s representation both inside and outside the PES – is also taking action today for International Women’s Day. Members of the group will attend the women’s strike in Brussels to raise awareness of the gender pay gap.

PES Women President Zita Gurmai said:

“I am with and behind all the women across Europe who strike, march or simply mark this 8 March to say that it is time to recognise, reward and reinforce women, their rights and places in society. It is simple: women want equality.

“The PES Women movement, together with Frans, will make sure that hashtags and words are translated into actions and concrete measures to close the pay gap, to stop all violence against women, to guarantee women’s free choice when it comes to sexual and reproductive rights and women’s equal representation in politics and decision-making.”

Find out more about the Women Want More campaign by PES Women, here.