Women deserve more

Women deserve more

On average, across the EU, women earn 16% less than men. Equal Pay Day (27 February) marks the point when women have finally caught up with men’s earnings from last year. Women need to work the equivalent of an additional 58 days, or 16% of the year, to earn the same amount as their male colleagues.

To mark Equal Pay Day, PES Women has released a video, in partnership with the sp.a women’s organisation zij-kant, to raise awareness in a fun, yet thought-provoking, way.

The PES strongly supports the Equal Pay campaign. In our manifesto for the upcoming European elections we set out plans for a binding EU Gender Equality Strategy to end the pay and pension gaps, combat sexual harassment and gender-based violence, and ensure that every individual has access to their full sexual and reproductive rights.

Frans Timmermans, PES Common Candidate said:

“When I am President of the Commission I will put proposals on the table to tackle gender inequality. By the end of the five-year term of the next Commission, I will work to bring the gender pay gap down to zero – and to see all men and women in Europe being paid the same amount for the same work. I will also be relentless in my fight to end all forms of sexual and gender-based violence and discrimination.”

Zita Gurmai, President of PES Women, said: 

“What do we want? Equal Pay! That means 16% more pay for women, so they earn as much as their male colleagues. It’s time to take action to close the gender pay gap – we’re fed up of lower wages and unequal treatment. Europe needs a European Commission, led by Frans Timmermans,  that will take action to reduce the pay gap and conduct Pay Gap Audits at the European level to check how member states are progressing.”

Read the full PES manifesto at: www.pes.eu/manifesto2019