2019 – the defining year for Europe

2019 – the defining year for Europe

The elections in 2019 will determine more than the composition of the European Parliament. They will define Europe at a time when the European project is being tested.

2019 is the year the people will decide the future of Europe – more failed conservativism, populism, or the PES’s vision for a fair, free and sustainable European community.

The PES is the only party capable of leading progressive change in Europe and our candidate for the President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, is the person to achieve it. At our recent Congress we set out our vision for Europe, and in spring 2019 we will campaign to make it a reality. Our leaders, member parties, activists and partners kicked off the campaign at Congress in Lisbon two weeks ago.

Today, many people are feeling insecure. They have not found reassurance in the party currently running Europe – the EPP – and some are putting their trust in populists and nationalists. To meet Europe’s challenges and to build public trust in the European project, it is time for a new vision for Europe.

At the European and national elections this year, we will present this new vision and we will lead the campaign for progressive change in Europe.