4000 BSP supporters welcome Martin Schulz to Sofia

4000 BSP supporters welcome Martin Schulz to Sofia

Schulz was introduced by PES President and BSP leader Sergei Stanishev. Mr. Stanishev is the BSP head of list for the elections and a strong supporter of Schulz’ candidacy for Commission President.

Schulz talked about the need for a more progressive European Union that prioritised job creation, stating; “I want to say (after becoming Commission President) to all those who are toiling away for slave wages: We have ensured fair pay for everyone, because we have introduced a European system of minimum wages tailored to each individual country: enabling people throughout Europe to live in dignity.”

Mr. Stanishev noted that the level of mobilisation for the 2014 European elections was much higher that the same level in 2009. He credited the strong emphasis that the PES had put on boosting turnout though the #knockthevote initiative which aims to increase voter numbers through door to door canvassing. “The PES, of all the European Parties, has the greatest grassroots capacity . We can match that with cutting edge online mobilisation to ensure we maximise the vote for our member parties”.

Mr. Schulz will follow the visit with a rally in Bucharest on 26 April with Romanian Prime Minster Victor Ponta and 10,000 PSD supporters. 

Schulz’s speech in Sofia can be found here (check against delivery).