Greece is ready for change: My Future is your Future

Greece is ready for change: My Future is your Future

Mobilization and Change

Marije Laffeber, PES Deputy Secretary General, the keynote speaker, clearly outlined “Our utmost priority is to improve social cohesion and reduce youth unemployment. We need to change Europe and we need to mobilize our voters to go to the polling stations on 25 May, to give our family the mandate for a stronger Europe”

The attendees had the opportunity to engage in the #knockthevote campaign, together with our member parties. “This is a great example of how #knockthevote is going from strength and will help mobilize our voters” Marije continued. She underlined the effort made in Greece where three citygroups have been created in the past month, in Athens, Piraeus and Crete.

The participants were also able to hear 15 young members of Elia taking the floor to express their ideas and projects for Europe. The message was clear, we need to stop youth unemployment, keep investing in new jobs, and we need to bring not only Greece back to Europe, but back to a Social Democratic Europe.

Sylvana Rapti outlined the importance that “the alternative our social democratic family has in mind is clear. We want to work for a Europe that performs, a Europe that protects, a Europe that progresses. We want a Europe where people are at its heart, in which we fight against social injustice, a Europe where solidarity is the foundation. Therefore we have adopted a common manifesto, on which all social democrats in Europe from north to south, from east to west have agreed.