PES and Lewica focused on fair and sustainable recovery for Poland

PES and Lewica focused on fair and sustainable recovery for Poland

The meeting exchanged on the need to guarantee that European funds are used in Poland to support a fair and sustainable recovery that fully respects European values and the Rule of Law.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Lewica is focused on delivering a recovery for the Polish people. They made the responsible decision when they voted for the EU budget and the Recovery Fund. Lewica helped secure an ambitious package not only for Poland, but for the whole EU.

“Now that the package has been approved by the Sejm, Lewica is right to push again to make sure that the funds are spent properly. The recovery is not about PiS political promises, it is about saving jobs and creating new ones as we secure sustainable development and a real green transformation.

“The PES political family continues to have real concerns about the Rule of Law in Poland. We will continue to work alongside Lewica, using all tools available, to monitor developments in the country very closely. We can never compromise on our shared, European, values.

“The PES stands together with Lewica for an ambitious, progressive and future-oriented agenda for Poland and Europe.”

The meeting also discussed other developments in Poland, including progress on sustainability, women rights and equality policies, security challenges, democracy and the outlook for the wider EU neighbourhood.

*Lewica plus parties Wiosna and Razem ran for the Parliament together and are in the joint parliamentary club of Lewica.