PES Common Candidate leads Spanish Campaign Launch

PES Common Candidate leads Spanish Campaign Launch

Schulz told the crowd at the Palacio Municipal that his Presidency of the Commission would prioritise the rights of Europe’s citizens and workers and bring down the unemployment rate which has shamelessly risen under the current EU policies.

Schulz said: “With 10 million more people unemployed across the EU now than there were five years ago, my priority can only be the fight for jobs. Your country is one of those who suffers the most, with over 25% of Spaniards now unemployed, including over 50% of your young people. The current EU policies have played a part in this tragedy, and that’s why I ask you to support Elena, to support PSOE and to support me. That way we can have a progressive majority in the European Parliament and a progressive leader of the Commission, and we can deliver the changes that you want to see.”

The PSOE candidate list for the European elections has an excellent representation of young people, reflecting the party’s desire to look to the future and to present it’s young voters with a progressive list. PSOE grassroots activists have been one of the driving forces behind the PES’s #knockthevote campaign which is a pan-European movement to mobilise voters ahead of the elections on 22-25 May. Activists in cities all over Spain have been meeting for many months, learning from experienced campaigners how to knock on doors and get people to go out and vote in these important European elections.

The Spanish activists have also been incredibly active online, with a strong social media element to their campaign being praised by PES Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber: “It is wonderful to see these young people getting so involved in the campaign, and their creativity and drive is really inspiring. I have no doubt that the way they spread our messages online will help to raise awareness of the vote, and give people the information they need about our programme for change.”

Martin Schulz will be embarking on an extensive tour of European towns and cities as part of the PES election campaign. Details of the events that have been scheduled so far can be found on his dedicated campaign website