PES hails new KinAl/PASOK leader

PES hails new KinAl/PASOK leader

The second round of voting to choose the new leader took place on Sunday. Nikos Androulakis – a Member of the European Parliament – received close to 70% of the vote, in a primary process that mobilised massively progressive voters from across Greece, including many young people.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“On behalf of the PES, I send warm congratulations to Nikos Androulakis on his election. He is a life-long progressive who has been active in PASOK for many years. As his S&D colleague in the European Parliament, I have seen his leadership skills first-hand. PASOK is a highly valued member of our political family, and with Nikos at the helm I am certain the party and Movement for Change will continue to grow from strength to strength.

“Nikos will fight for a Greece of social justice, transparency, meritocracy, dignity, and perspectives for all Greeks. He can count on the support of Party of European Socialists to make that happen.”

The PES supports PASOK in its mission to build a truly progressive Greece. Nikos Androulakis takes over as leader of the party following the untimely death in October of Fofi Gennimata.