PES Presidency celebrates wave of electoral successes for social democrats

PES Presidency celebrates wave of electoral successes for social democrats

Meeting online, members of the PES Presidency held a strategic discussion on political and policy priorities for the coming months. Representatives discussed progressive plans for the Future of Europe – a socially just and environmentally sustainable Union, which defends democracy and rights, and works for a fairer world.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Across Europe, our message of a socially fair and sustainable future is resonating. We are setting the agenda on the recovery. Voters are seeing that social democrats deliver. Fair wages, a carbon neutral economy, better housing, better pensions and so much more, this is what we are working for.

“I want to congratulate Olaf Scholz and the SPD, Antonio Costa and PS, and Jonas Gahr Støre and the Norwegian Labour Party on their election victories. Voters have placed their trust in them and have clearly chosen a progressive path forward.

“In Norway and Germany the coalitions that form now must reflect this fact. It is time to get to work on delivering progressive policies, to build a recovery, and to bring about a fairer and more sustainable future for all.”

Recent electoral victories have strengthened the PES family, which is already in power – as a majority government or in coalition – in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg.

The PES will bring the progressive political family together at the end of this year. The PES Presidency agreed that the next PES Council will take place in Brussels, Belgium, in December 2021. Prime ministers, leaders, party representatives and others will gather for the event as Europe reaches the halfway point in this mandate. It will be an important moment where the PES will set out its priorities for the future of Europe. Further details about the event will be announced at a later date.