PES president meets Albanian prime minister in Brussels

PES president meets Albanian prime minister in Brussels

Mr Rama underlined the importance of good cooperation between the Albanian Socialist party and the PES.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“The PES appreciates all the efforts made by the progressive government of Albania towards EU accession. It is now obvious that the country has doubled its efforts in meeting the EU’s requirements, and that the government of Mr Rama is moving in the right direction towards the European Union.”

Mr Rama and Mr Stanishev also discussed the possibilities for further economic development of Albania as well as the importance of the country for the region, where the PES is preparing a high level meeting on the topic of the Western Balkans next year. The meeting will be an important continuation of the firm policy of the PES to integrate the countries with European values and the European Union itself.

PES deputy secretary general Giacomo Filibeck and Mr Ditmir Bushati, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, were aso at the meeting.