PES supports European ambitions of Albania and North Macedonia

PES supports European ambitions of Albania and North Macedonia

Europe’s commitment to the Western Balkans is crucial at a time of great global insecurity. We must preserve the credibility of our foreign policy and secure the progress made by Albania and North Macedonia on democracy, the rule of law, and economic prosperity.

Both countries have undertaken substantial reforms to advance their accession talks. They have also aligned with the EU sanctions regime against the Russian Federation. Any further delay would seriously risk undermining the significant progress and good neighbourly relations achieved up to this point.

This process is of huge national significance for both Albania and North Macedonia, and the PES calls on all national actors to build their participation in the public discussion on solid arguments and objective truth, and not on political opportunism and nationalistic sentiments.

The PES is closely monitoring the developments in North Macedonia, and we extend our solidarity to the Social Democratic Union in North Macedonia. We fully understand the growing frustration in the region and remain in close contact with our sister parties, and will continue to closely cooperate with them in Brussels.

The PES is committed to supporting the enlargement process at every level. Our prime ministers have a central role to play in supporting the enlargement policy. We commend their efforts to facilitate the process, as shown most recently by Chancellor Scholz during his visit to the Western Balkans.