PES welcomes historic SPD victory

PES welcomes historic SPD victory

The SPD is in the lead in the German federal election, becoming the largest party in the Bundestag after the people of Germany cast their votes on Sunday. The victory puts an SPD-led federal government within reach.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“It is obvious that the conservatives have lost and the SPD has won. Germany voted for a change. Olaf Scholz is now in the driving seat as the coalition talks begin. As the candidate of the largest party he has a clear political mandate to become Chancellor.

“An SPD-led coalition would reflect the shift seen at the election. Voters wanted a fairer society and action on climate change. These issues were central in the campaign. And an SPD-led government would offer the chance to bring about real progress on these issues – both in Germany and for Europe as a whole.

“I congratulate Olaf Scholz and SPD on the great election result. It shows the huge trust that voters have put in the SPD and in Olaf Scholz as new Chancellor. And it reflects strong support for our progressive politics.”

The PES has closely collaborated with the SPD over the last weeks and months. And we share a common vision for Europe – a socially just and sustainable future, with citizen’s wellbeing at the centre.

Preliminary results show the has SPD secured more than 25% of the vote. Turnout was about 78%, according to the federal election commission, two percentage points up on the previous 2017 vote and the highest since 2005.

With an SPD-led German federal government, there will be new chances to make progress on the global agreement on corporate taxation, the Fit for 55 package, the directive on adequate minimum wages, the women on boards directive, the commitments made at the Porto Social Summit, and other social democratic policy priorities.