PES welcomes red-green linkup in the Netherlands

PES welcomes red-green linkup in the Netherlands

Members from the PvdA – a full member party of the PES – voted to endorse a linkup with GroenLinks, a party from the Green political family. The parties will combine in the Senate following the next election, and position as a united centre-left challenger for government.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said

“The red-green linkup in the Netherlands will shake-up the next elections. I congratulate Attje and the PvdA on taking this brave step. This is the beginning of the journey to a centre-left government. No green without red, no red without green – environmental justice and social justice must go hand in hand.

“My congratulations go to Attje for securing endorsement for her leadership, but also for uniting the party behind this clear and bold decision. This was a monumental Congress for PvdA.”

The PvdA and GroenLinks have been strengthening cooperation recently. On Saturday, GroenLinks members also endorsed the decision, through a referendum, to form a joint Senate group. Members of both parties have welcomed the step.