PSD will be a social democratic force for good in new Romanian government

PSD will be a social democratic force for good in new Romanian government

Earlier this week, after months of political uncertainty and instability, a grand coalition was announced in Romania which brings together PSD and other political parties. As part of the political agreement, PSD – a full member party of the PES – will oversee the finance, transport, labour, health, agriculture, economy, defence, culture, and family ministries.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“PSD has put aside clear political differences for the good of the country. This is the right decision by Marcel Ciolacu. Romania needs a government with strong social democratic leaders who can deliver policies to address the challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

“Over the previous months, the situation in Romania has become very urgent. Coronavirus cases are increasing, inequalities are rising, and too little progress has been made on the recovery. From health, to labour, to social policy and more, PSD will work to improve conditions for citizens. The PES supports PSD in its mission to lead Romania towards a stable and prosperous future.”

Social democrats are already acting in Romania. PSD has pushed for a law for compensation for citizens and SMEs to offset rising electricity and gas bills, something which the S&D Group in European Parliament has also highlighted.

PSD will seek to regain control of the pandemic by introducing universal access to free COVID-19 testing for 60 days and enhancing the vaccination campaign. On the recovery, PSD is committed to making full use of European funds to support citizens and businesses. The party will also enhance sustainability by ensuring the protection of the environment is a strategic pillar of the new government.