Values, programme and strategies on the agenda at Call to Europe event

Values, programme and strategies on the agenda at Call to Europe event

More than 200 people attended Call to Europe: Modern Social Democracy: values, programme, strategies.

PES Deputy Secretary General Marije Laffeber said:

“We are in Poland where the left, after electoral defeat three years ago, is in better shape every day. The question is not ‘will we be back in parliament next year?’ but rather, will we get back in government?

“Europe has reached a critical stage, and at this event we have shown our determination to move Poland and all of Europe back onto a progressive path. We will fight for fair taxation – tax evasion must stop, everybody must pay their share. We will fight for stronger workers’ rights, together with the trade unions. We will step up efforts to combat climate change, so we leave our earth in better shape for future generations. And we, as progressives, will push to make gender equality a reality.

“The PES will enter the 2019 European election campaign with these values at the heart of our common manifesto, led by our common candidate Frans Timmermans. We will present a modern, inclusive campaign, with an offer for all generations. To win, we must articulate these ideas and get our vote to turn out. Together with our member parties we will do just that next week in Lisbon, where we will launch our trans-European campaign mobilisation.”

To find out more about the Call to Europe event, please visit the event page on the FEPS website.