Biden declared winner of US election: A chance for the transatlantic future

Biden declared winner of US election: A chance for the transatlantic future

This is what the Party of European Socialists said today, after Democratic nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were announced as the projected winners in this year’s US presidential election.

The PES always favours the Democratic candidates. Under presidents such as Kennedy, Clinton and Obama, among others, transatlantic relations flourished, rooted in the common values of democracy, freedom and human rights.  With a Democratic president – and Joe Biden’s name will almost certainly be added to that list – the US is more likely to refocus on topics such as global warming, free trade, defence cooperation, and equal partnership. Kamala Harris becomes the first women vice president-elect in US history – a milestone for equality. The PES welcomes the opportunities the new presidential team brings.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“The nightmare on Pennsylvania avenue seems to be over. With Joe Biden as American president, the transatlantic partnership may be re-established on a full scale. Re-forming this bond with urgent and closer cooperation in response to COVID-19 seems like a good starting point.

“I am confident Joe Biden will be a president for all Americans, a president who will invest in the economic recovery, secure jobs, and move forward with sustainable policies. A president who will bring the US back to the Paris climate agreement and who will stand with EU efforts through the European Green Deal.

 “A presidential mandate, just four years, seems like four centuries when it comes to the exponential development ahead of us. This is true for so many aspects, including technology, economy, environment, social opportunities. Donald Trump lost four years of US-EU partnership that might have helped to reduce climate change, modernise free trade, strengthen defence cooperation, and fight the pandemic even.”

The PES will closely follow the developments and the announcement of the final result, the reactions of both the winner and the loser in the election, and the comments of world leaders. Donald Trump has acted irresponsibly in the wake of the election, bringing the much-divided country closer to the edge. A civilized and reasonable acknowledgment of the results, when they are officially announced, is what the United States needs the most.

Reacting to President Trump’s decision to file lawsuits challenging the results in several key states, Stanishev added:

“The integrity of this vote is very important. Any attempt to overturn or manipulate the result is an affront to democracy. We trust that the judiciary will act independent in upholding electoral law and the will of the American people.”