Biden Harris presidency brings hope of renewed transatlantic relationship

Biden Harris presidency brings hope of renewed transatlantic relationship

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Biden will be a unifying President with an administration focused on the people of America, not just one American.

“Voters have called for a decent administration, which pursues fairness and inspires hope. We wish President Biden and Vice President Harris well as they work to achieve that. I see real hope that the toxic rhetoric of the last administration will be replaced by sincere efforts to address the challenges facing the USA and the world.

“Today marks a new era of US-EU relations, one where we act together to save the climate, defend democracy and achieve a fairer world. This is a day for progressives and democrats on both sides of the Atlantic to celebrate.”

President Biden was elected on an ambitious platform in November, pledging to spare no efforts in the fight to control the COVID-19 virus, build prosperity and rout out systemic racism in the USA. Biden – vice president in the Obama administration – has pledged to re-join the Paris climate agreement and put the USA on a more environmentally sustainable footing.

The incoming presidential team will be one of the most diverse in US history, with more women working in the White House and the USA’s first women, and first person of African and South Asian descent, vice president – Kamala Harris. The administration is a milestone for equality in the USA.