EU defence and security cooperation are vital first step

EU defence and security cooperation are vital first step

This week, ministers from the Council of the EU (foreign and defence ministers) jointly announced progress towards implementing the EU’s global strategy in the area of security and defence — including establishing a military planning and conduct capability to take command of non-executive missions.

Joint EU military training missions are currently underway in Somalia, Central Africa and Mali.

Responding to the announcement, PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“In the current global context, it has become increasingly important that the European Union is equipped to respond quickly and effectively when it comes to defence, so it can continue to be the guarantor of peace and security for all Europeans and a strong actor on the world stage.

“European socialists strongly support the measures laid out in Federica Mogherini’s global strategy, and we encourage national governments and EU institutions to commit to implementing the remainder of these measures as soon as possible.

“We also welcome progress on EU-NATO cooperation, as a cornerstone of world security.”