EU to step up practical and financial assistance for refugee action

EU to step up practical and financial assistance for refugee  action

“The EU is finally taking action. Some important decisions have been taken in the past weeks and months regarding the refugee crisis. Now is the time for action. Today’s Council will confirm a strategic plan with very concrete proposals for immediate implementation. Our political family has been demanding common European action; In solidarity with refugees who have experienced unimaginable horrors, and also between Member States who need fair and efficient ways to share the responsibility.”

“After this Council, the EU will be better equipped to protect the lives of those who are fleeing wars. It will be better able to do support countries that are on the EU’s external border. We cannot leave any countries to shoulder the reception effort on their own. We finally see concrete steps for a common, European solution to this crisis, with the enlargement of the Frontex mandate, the creation of a European Coast Guard, and many more. Fast relocation, resettlement, and installation of hotspots is crucial. ”

“Europe is offering technical and financial support the countries neighbouring Syria, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. They need our support to continue to provide assistance to the millions people who have come to them in need. The EU-Turkey action plan should serve as a model. It will assist Turkey in managing the situation, improve the standard of living in refugee camps and contribute to dismantling criminal networks.”

“Those who are entitled to international protection should be given that right without delay. But we are also reinforcing the system so that those who are not refugees can be returned to their countries of origin humanely and in respect of their dignity, and are in line with the principle of non-refoulement.”