Foreign Policy Network: Russian regime must be held accountable for its crimes in Ukraine

Foreign Policy Network: Russian regime must be held accountable for its crimes in Ukraine

Chair of the network, and PvdA Member of the Dutch Parliament, Kati Piri said:

“The last time we had this meeting, we were talking about theoretical possibilities. We have seen the worst possible outcome unfold. The PES family is united: Putin is conducting an unjustified, unprovoked war with no regards for human life and the principles of international law. We demand an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and a return to the path of diplomacy.

“Deliberately bombarding and attacking civilian areas and infrastructure constitutes a war crime, as does the use of cluster bombs and so-called vacuum bombs. A thorough investigation is needed to assess these claims and bring those responsible to justice. We support the International Criminal Court’s efforts in this direction.”

The Network condemned ceasefires violations and indiscriminate shelling, and urged Russian forces to grant safe passage for the evacuation of civilians.

Participants held an exchange with Bohdan Ferens, Founder of SD Platform, on the situation in Ukraine. The meeting expressed its solidarity and support for him, SD Platform and its activists, and all people in Ukraine.

Kati Piri added:

“We have seen a united EU delivering support for Ukraine. This must continue. This is also the first day that we see the humanitarian corridors starting to work, but we must ensure people are able to flee to safely into the EU, rather than being allowed to access Russian territory only. It is vital that reliable and predictable humanitarian corridors are secured to relocate people whose lives are at risk and provide life-saving supplies, including food, water and medicine.”

The UN estimates that there are already two million Ukrainian refugees who have fled the conflict.

The Network commended European Commission for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson for her work to coordinate Europe’s response to the crisis at its borders. EU institutions and Member States continue to provide crucial aid to Ukraine and the meeting commend those Member States on the frontline of the refugee crisis for their action.

The meeting strongly backed enhanced sanctions against Russia and Belarus. As the conflict continues, so must the sanction on oligarchs, politicians, and banks in the countries.