Leaders of European Socialists and Democrats urge on political stability in Moldova

Leaders of European Socialists and Democrats urge on political stability in  Moldova

Political struggles and instability consumed too much time and obstructed implementation of important reforms in the recent years. The political stalemate in the country hampers the effective implementation of the Association Agreement and making full use of its opportunities.

The future of Moldova is at stake and only stable institutions committed with the European model can assure it. Challengers to the constitutional order endanger the whole process.

“We are worried by the calls to violence against the legitimate representatives of the Moldovan people. We believe that the current political issues can only be solved through intensive dialogue and respect of the rule of law”, said Sergei Stanishev, President of Party of European Socialists.

Gianni Pittella and Sergei Stanishev held a meeting in Strasbourg with Marian Lupu, leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, and Mihai Ghimpu, from the Liberal Party of Moldova, both members of the current governing coalition. During the meetings Moldovan leaders expressed their will to implement the necessary reforms to address the expectations of the Moldovan people.

“We want to see Moldova progressing and modernising. The country has signed the most advanced generation of association agreements with EU; it has, therefore, a unique opportunity to make concrete progress in its European aspirations. We urge the newly established authorities in Chisinau to get back to work, adopting and implementing much needed reforms for the benefit of all Moldovan citizens and to fight corruption. We have received reassurances in this respect. We are calling for responsibility from all political actors in the country and strongly encourage political dialogue and condemn any extremist or violent actions”, said S&D president Gianni Pittella.

The social democratic European family firmly condemn any act of political violence which not only threat the needed peaceful atmosphere for progress, but also the regional security.